Susan was picking raspberries yesterday, and she noticed several things that comparable between picking raspberries and reading the Bible:

  1. You have to prepare.  You might need a jacket, you get your bucket, you wash your hands, put on appropriate shoes, etc.  When you read the Bible, you have to prepare your heart, your mind, etc.
  2. When you start picking, you notice that you can see the fruit, you can pick every bit of the ripe fruit that you can see (some is not yet ripe); you pick all the fruit that looks good and you glean all the fruit.  But, when you look back, you see something that you missed because youíre looking from a different perspective.  Something has changed and there is more fruit there.
  3. When youíre picking the fruit, every once in a while, one of the thorns pricks your finger and it hurts.  When youíre reading the Bible, sometimes something pricks you and it hurts because youíre doing something wrong.
  4. Sometimes you get one of those thorns in your finger and you donít realize it.  But, later in the day or the next day, your finger starts hurting.  Sometimes it takes that prick a while to register.  Then, you have to work on getting it out, and sometimes that one is harder to get out.
  5. Also, you might take some fruit and use them for preserves.  Through picking the fruit, you can have something that will sustain you.  By reading the Bible, you can pick up things that will sustain you.  It might be something that you donít need right now, but when the time is ripe, itís available.

If you want this in a pdf file, right click and save:  Raspberries and the Bible