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Martin Luther King, Jr. told us back in 1963, in a letter from Birmingham Jail, never to forget "that everything Adolf Hitler di in Germany was 'legal.'"  There’s a difference between “legal” and “right”, and the Bible shows us what is “right”, and “right” isn’t always easy.

[Revelation 17]

I want to show you a few things the Lord has blessed me with.  We’re going to look at a few passages in the NT, then we’ll look at a few in the OT, I’ll say a few things, and then it will be time to wake up for the morning service to start.

John says in [Verse 1].  Stop here and look at “shew”; it’s reveal.  The Lord reveals something.  He gives John the Revelator a vision; he gives him something he can see.  What John sees is this great whore that sitteth upon many waters.

It’s important to remember that “waters” represent Gentile nations, or the nations of the world.  [Verse 15]  This great whore is sitting upon, or controlling many nations and many peoples.

Now, think about who is sitting upon these many waters (a whore) and then think back to the OT and think of the Lord’s dealings with Israel.  What he’s speaking about here, when he speaks of this moral characteristic, is uncleanness or fornication.  It’s idolatry.

It’s important to remember the distinction between “fornication” and “adultery” as used in the Bible.  Forget modern laws and modern vernacular.  “Fornication” is any illicit sexual relation, and it’s always consensual; it’s voluntary.  “Adultery” is specifically defined as a married woman having relations with a man, whether he is married or not.  “Adultery” is fornication, but “fornication” is not necessarily adultery.

Israel was united with God and Israel was unfaithful.  All the pagan religions incorporated this practice of fornication in one way or another and God always likens that to being unfaithful to him, when idolatry is practiced by the Church or the Jews.

You don’t have to doubt what we’ve read about in verse 1.  This picture is interpreted; [verse 18], you can see exactly what this is.  So, if you look back at verse 1, what John is shown is a city.  And this city is the very center of attention in regard to what we want to look at right now.

If you’ll just think about what’s said and written in the Scriptures, and not think about what the commentaries and commentators tell you, you will be better able to understand what we’re looking at.

Look in verse 2, and you will see what John’s told.  [Verse 2a:  With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication.]  “Fornication” (prostitution), as it is used here, is referring to pagan practices of temple prostitution, and is used frequently by the prophets representing the defection of the Church from God, and its attachment to others.  Do you see that going on in the world and the Church today?

[Verse 2b]  Wine; we’re supposed to produce the wine that cheers the hearts of God and man, but there are different kinds of wine, and different meanings for the word “wine”.  Wine, by implication when used as meaning drunkenness, as in Proverbs 20:1, is a mocker of men.  Men can be drunk on tongues and other Pentecostal signs, and other things that are falsely claimed to be from God, as easily as they can be drunk on the things that are obviously of this world.

What John is being told is that this woman, this city, has put forth her doctrine in the form of wine to intoxicate and to numb the sensibilities of those who listen; or to raise them up in a false way with something that is not true; this is true with wine.  The wine can get you to a high, but it always lets you down.

This is what John is being told.  The kings of the earth (the rulers of men) have committed fornication with this woman.  Then, in verse 3, he’s shown a similar scene. [Verse 3]  Here’s a woman, and that’s how this city is pictured.  This woman is seen sitting upon a scarlet colored beast.  (Scarlet is the color of redemption, but this is a false redemption, as this is a wild beast, and a wild beast could not redeem anyone.)

The word “sitting” is used in a sense that means to manage and guide.  In verse 1, she’s sitting upon many waters, and that’s what historical Babylon did with the Euphrates in guiding and controlling the water into irrigation canals.  Verse 3 pictures this woman sitting upon or managing and guiding this scarlet colored beast.

If you look in verse 1, she’s sitting upon many waters; verse 3, she’s sitting upon a scarlet colored beast; in verse 5, she’s still sitting there.  The woman is sitting on different things.  That’s not a contradiction; it’s an explanation of her power, influence, and purpose upon different things.

Now, you must keep in your mind in relation to verse 3, something the OT tells us; here is a woman who is sitting upon a scarlet colored beast; you will see these words, fornication, adultery, etc., in regards to this woman and it shows a kind of association.

Let me put something before you so you will always remember what we’re talking about here.  Everything in this chapter is exposing something that is contrary to God’s plan.  If you’ll hold your hand here and remember a woman, a beast, and this immorality, look back to [Leviticus 18:22].  Now, look in [Verse 23].  It’s unnatural; it’s disorder; it’s contrary to God.  Let me tell you this, the things we learn from Revelation chapter 17, teach us of the confusion that is happening in the ecclesiastical world; look at the Anglicans, the Methodists, the Catholics, and everywhere else; ordaining filth and just doing things contrary to God’s will; it’s confusion, and God is not the author of this confusion.

You see what we’re faced with; we’re faced with a city.  This city is influential in a tremendous way.  This city is also the place where confusion occurs.  People always say, “If you’re right, then why are there all these different denominations?”  Because they’re wrong.  In heaven, there won’t be Baptists, there won’t be Methodists, there won’t be Lutherans; there will be Christians.  The only thing that is correct, the only thing upon which we can rely all the time is the Lord’s word.

You can see that this is confusion.  But, what is this city?  What is this thing with which the Lord is concerned in Revelation 17?  Well, look back in Revelation 17 and look in [verse 4].  This woman, this city, is rich, comfortable, and in a luxurious situation, and in verse 5, I want you to get this, look at your bible…  [Verse 5]

If you have your glasses or magnifying sheets, look at something; a lot of people miss this part.  This name is Babylon the Great.  But, there’s another word:  “Mystery”.  Look at this word:  there’s a comma after “written”, and there is a comma after “mystery”.  What John sees in this name is “Babylon the Great”.  This word “musteron” is a Greek word and it has to do with a secret.  It has to do with something that someone has to be initiated into.  So, what I’m trying to say is this word “mystery” is not part of the name that is written on her forehead.  It’s Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots, and abominations of the earth.

All unfaithfulness, all fornication, and all devious departures from the Lord, she’s the mother of it.  Now, if you listen to this and read this and you say, “I’m going to the Lion and the Lamb Christian bookstore and buy a commentary”, you’re wasting your time.

Let me put it to you like this:  I say to you, “Meet me in Nikolaevsk”.  Well, do you think it’s sensible to say, “Nikolaevsk really means Anchor Point, so I’ll meet him in Anchor Point”?  You’re going to miss me if you do that.

The Lord tells us in this chapter that this is Babylon the Great.  But people say, “this doesn’t mean Babylon, it means Rome”.  It does not!  You may say to me, “You can’t prove that”.  I may not be able to get it out of your head, but I can prove it.

[1 Corinthians 2]  (If this were referring to Rome, or the Catholic Church, I think it would be represented as adulterous, and not simply as fornication or harlotry, but that’s just my opinion.)  I want to show you the importance of this word “mystery” that we find in Revelation 17:5.  If you will look with me in 1 Corinthians 2, let me show it to you like this.  [Verses 4-5]  That’s what I’m trying to talk to you about in Revelation 17.

Don’t simply trust what I’m telling you or what someone else tells you; don’t trust me, trust the Lord’s word.  [Verse 6:  Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect [mature]: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, [because they are influenced by Babylon], and this will come to nought”]  This is talking to the “perfect” or the mature believers; this is not simply talking about salvation, which is easy to understand and can be known by anyone; this is talking about the meat of the Word; the deeper things of God; it’s talking about the Kingdom rule of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.  [Verses 7-8].  What he’s saying is the natural man can’t receive the deeper things of the Lord; he has to be initiated; he has to be changed; it has to be revealed to him.  That’s the Lord’s word, and that’s what this word “mystery” means back in Revelation 17.

Do you know what Cain did when he departed from the presence of the lord?  He built a city.  He called it Enoch.  Do you know what “Enoch” means?  It means, “Initiated”.  Behind the scenes and behind the curtains there is this plot and this plan.  This plan is Satanic, bad, wrong, and evil.  Yet, it influences the entire world.  If you’ll look back to Revelation 17, I want to show you some other things.

In verse 5, look at this:  “this is the mother of harlots”.  Was there idolatry or false or pagan religions before Jesus came?  When did this begin?  It began after the flood with Nimrod.  Rome wasn’t even in existence then.  This city can’t be Rome, because this city is the mother of harlots, and Rome didn’t exist then.  The capital of all of these things and the teachings and drunkenness began in Genesis 10 with Nimrod in the city of Babylon or Babel.  In Revelation 17, this city that is controlling everything is Babylon, not Rome! 

(Now, I think this city, Babylon, can be seen as controlling Europe by controlling Rome, since Rome controls the EU.  The Catholics and the Muslims recently signed a “peace treaty”, promising cooperation between the two, and there are many events taking place in Europe that shows just how much control by Islam there is in Europe.  Britain is catering to the Muslims; the Dutch live in fear of Islamic terrorism…  The EU parliament building was intentionally designed to resemble the Tower of Babel, and there is a statue of a woman riding a beast outside it.)

She is the mother of harlots.  What did those people in Babel want to do?  They wanted to make a name for themselves; they wanted to keep the human race together at all costs; kind of like the ecumenical movement today.  They wanted everyone to be under their control.  Don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say, but think about it.  You may think that I’m very, very wrong, but you have to remember, when Jesus Christ comes back again, this image will still exist.  Where will Babylon be?  It will be the head; it will be sitting upon it and controlling the beast and managing it.  Babylon will still be in existence, and it will be controlling much of the world.

When religious people and denominations get fired up, what do they say?  Look on TV, look in magazines, and look at revivals; look at crusades:  They all shout, “Let’s win the world!”  That’s Babylonianism.  Because the lord Jesus Christ, if he is God (and he is), knows that the Church will never win the world!  The world hates the Church and the things of God.

“But the Bible says, ‘Go ye unto all the world…’”  Well, you won’t win the world.  That’s not the mission of the church.  That’s Babylonianism.  It doesn’t mean that we’re not supposed to try, but you won’t succeed.  You will win some battles, but you won’t win the world.

Do you know what some of the things are that we’re fighting?  We’re fighting luxury, wealth, ease, political union, and attempts to make the world a utopia.  That won’t happen.  At least, that won’t happen now; that won’t happen until the Lord returns.  But, bear with me and let me try to show you some other things.

The reason we’re talking about this is this morning, the day before we celebrate the independence of this nation, and a day that we should honor those serving this country is this:  Do you know where our men and women in the military are right now and what they’re trying to do?  They’re in Babylon.  In that area of the world, in Iraq (Babylon), all this is going to come to pass.  I think the wisest man who ever wrote about history is the man who said, “All we learn from history is that we never learn” (or something to that effect).  For hundreds of years, men have been trying to bring peace to the Middle East for their own purposes and ends, some for financial gain, some for altruistic reasons, but how long will it take us to learn that that won’t happen?

But there are some things that will happen:  What is going to happen is that that area of the world is going to be inundated with wealth and with trade and with money and with power (non-military).  The Bible even tells us that Israel will be involved with this.  This is going to be a great place of wealth and development.  It’s my opinion that oil will play a vital role in bringing this wealth to these people.  They are trying to set up the same sort of payment that we have here in Alaska with the PFD, which will spread that wealth to all the people there.  Our nation is busy rebuilding their nation.  Anything resembling peace will be temporary and will be just a façade.

That’s what we’re going to be fighting.  We have gone into an area of the world that is biblically rich with prophecy and we have done and are doing things for the wrong reasons:  It’s human wisdom.  It’s not necessarily evil in and of itself, saving hundreds of thousands of people from torture and murder is not a bad thing, but it is an exercise in futility.  Read on with me. 

If you look at this woman, you’ll see that she has offered the world wine, and it’s in contrast to what the Lord has offered.  He said “I won’t drink this fruit of the vine with you again until I come in my Kingdom”.

[Revelation 17:6]  Remember our study of the meaning of “the saints” a few weeks back?  Remember, not all believers are saints; only those who are obedient and are exhibiting signs of obedience are referred to as saints.  This woman is drunk on their blood.  Think about the persecution of the saints in the world today, and even in the Church.  If you stand up for what is right and what is truth (and what is written in the Bible is truth), you are hated!  There were some Christian missionaries murdered recently by Muslim terrorists, and it happens quite often.

But, it’s not just the Muslims; even members of the church says that you’re full of hate if you speak out against homosexuality, living together in fornication, or if you call anything else evil or wrong.  “I can’t help it, I was born that way.”  “You just don’t understand.”  “Can’t we all just get along?”  (We can get along, but they’re actually talking about fellowshipping, and no, we can’t fellowship with such abominations.)  It’s called “willful sin”, and it’s condemned in the Bible, so we should speak out against it, but we will be hated for it, and we are persecuted for it, and it will get worse.

It’s the kingdoms of this world against the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus.  See this woman is dressed in purple (royalty), she’s dressed in scarlet (forgiveness of sins), she is decked with gold and precious stones (which will be given at the Judgment Seat of Christ), but there is no silver, which symbolizes redemption money; she has pearls (kingdom wisdom), having a golden cup in her hand…

A golden cup is a symbol of salvation given by the Lord, but it’s also a symbol of harlots, who give love potions to men, to excite lust, and draw their affections to them.  This being a golden cup may be a symbol of the external luster and splendor of the worship of the church of Rome, into which many have been drawn, and is attended with many abominable, filthy, and idolatrous practices: and perhaps some regard may be had to the golden chalice, in which, it is pretended, is the very blood of Jesus the Christ, which the priests take as such, and worship and adore, and is no different than any other abominable and filthy piece of idolatry; and such are the people that partake of it; like the Pharisees, they make clean the outside of the cup and platter; they make a great show of devotion, but inside, they are full of extortion and excess (Babylonianism).  This cup is being held by and is in the control of this woman; this city:  Babylon.

Also, notice in verse 3, she sits upon this beast; she rides in and portrays herself as being the one who ushers in the kingdom.

[Mark 1:12-13]  The Lord Jesus is in the same place, he’s in the wilderness; that’s the same place this woman is, and he’s there 40 days, tempted by Satan.  Mark gives us a little word and it’s the same word as in Revelation 17.  He was with the wild beasts.

This woman is trying to portray herself as being the world’s Messiah.  She’s trying to portray herself as being the solution to all man’s problems.  It’s confusion, yet people believe it and embrace it.  It’s in every denomination and it’s in every nation and it’s Babylonianism.  I know that this sounds like a bad thing to say, but it’s all in the Church and in religion; it’s even (especially) in Christmas and Easter; it’s everywhere.

In Revelation 17:3, there is the mentioning of 7 heads and 10 horns; look in [verse 12].  Do you know what he’s telling us?  Think about what he’s saying.  He’s telling us that there will be an appointed government.  What do we have in Afghanistan and Iraq?  An appointed government.  That’s what he’s talking about.

[Psalm 83]  These 10 horns are 10 kings.  Don’t you wish the Lord would tell us who these 10 kings are going to be?  He does.  This is just an opinion, and you don’t have to believe it or even agree with it, but look in Psalm 83, and we’ll finish up.  [Verse 1-4] 

Those words were uttered a few years ago by the leader of Egypt during the wars.  Why don’t we listen?  “Let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.”  That is the goal of Babylonianism.

[Verse 5]  That has occurred in the past, and it will occur in the future.  Then notice what he says; he names some names:  [Verses 6-8a; Assur.]  Do you know how many he names?  10.  [Verse 8b:  They are joined to help the children of Lot], then in the following verses, he says to do unto them as you did to these other nations; wipe them out and destroy them utterly.  Every nation in the region of the world where these 10 are mentioned is Arabic, and they’re all Muslim nations.

This city has initiated many things contrary to the teachings of the Kingdom of God.  This is the power and the influence of the teaching of Babylonianism.  It’s contrary and opposed to everything God teaches.  People teach, “There won’t be a Kingdom…”  You know, that’s one of the things that first attracted me to this church.  I walked in the door, and there was Dick Goodwin preaching the literal and physical Kingdom of God.  When we made the decision to join this church, we looked at the statement of faith, and it proclaims belief in the literal and physical Kingdom of God and proclaims the necessity not only for spirit salvation, but also for salvation of the soul.

So many churches today don’t even distinguish between the spirit and the soul, and that’s the teachings of Darwinian evolution.  They teach that that man has a body and a soul or spirit.  They don’t teach what the Bible says that man is a three-part being consisting of body, soul, and spirit, and is created in the image of God which consists of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

These aren’t popular teachings today because they’re hard.  We tried some other churches, and they offered marching bands, juggling acts and all sorts of other things, but they don’t teach the difficult things of God; they don’t teach the Word of God.

Don’t get me wrong, before I heard that preaching, I could tell that this was a church full of warm, caring people, but I have some dear friends who are warm and caring people, yet they embrace many doctrinal errors.  I’ve even heard some churches teach that we’re not accountable for our actions in the flesh; that only rewards (in the good sense) are handed out at the Judgment Seat, and they fail to teach that there will be loss of rewards, and even chastisement handed out, depending upon how you’ve lived in the flesh.

People teach, “There won’t be a Kingdom” and they also teach, “there won’t be peace on this Earth”.  There won’t be until our Lord comes back to set up his Kingdom.  But, these same people spend billions of dollars on peace conferences and meetings and feel-good lobbying.

People teach, “There won’t be a Kingdom, there won’t be peace on this earth, and there won’t be this extermination of Israel.  This is all Babylonianism; it’s luxury and taking the easy way; the path of least resistance; the broad way instead of the narrow way.  The ecumenical movements may sound good to many, but every one of them is for the purpose of destroying the Jew (intentional or not; not everyone involved in ecuminicism is out to destroy the Jews).  Every ecumenical purpose is for the desire to destroy the Jew.

This is a very scary and significant prophecy that the Lord gives to us in Revelation 17, and I want to leave this with you to think about and I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

This has permeated every aspect of the religious, political, and civil world, and will stay in existence until the Lord comes again.  But, it’s confusion.  People don’t teach you about the Kingdom rule of the Lord Jesus; they don’t teach you that you are accountable for the life you’ve lived and that one day you will have to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and either be rewarded or lose rewards or even chastised, based upon acts done in the flesh; they don’t teach that there is a difference between the Jew (Israel) and the Church; they teach you to embrace false teachings and they don’t teach you that you are to separate yourselves from such apostasy…  They don’t teach you these things.  That’s because they’re eaten up with Babylonianism, just like a cancer.  You may say to me, “But you’re just being critical.”  You’ve got that right!  (“Critical” means requiring careful judgment.)  “Judge not, lest ye be judged;” We may be told not to judge, but we are told to be fruit inspectors.

Does this not bother us?  Does this not alarm us to see that we need to be diligent in our lives to pray; that we need to know the hour in which we live and the times that are before us; that we need to be aware that our nation in which we live is involved in a part of this; we need to know the trends that are prevalent and the things that are initiated and the false things…  we need to be diligent to study, pray, and to live, and ask the Lord for his Kingdom to soon come to this earth.