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[1 Timothy 4:1-5]  This is talking about doctrines of demons.  People say, ďI donít believe in demonsĒ, and suddenly, they are one.  But, Paul is talking with us in regards to the latter times here.  How do you think this would be made manifest today?  If in our world, these fallen angels, these evil spirits, these unclean spirits, are truly in existence, how would we know?  What would we do?  If we would really comprehend this, what would we do?  How would we oppose them?

I want you to think about a few things and look with me in a few places.  I donít want to be offensive, but I do want to be realistic.  In verse 2, we see that the Bible says that these demons will be speaking lies in hypocrisy.  Letís analyze this:  Their speech carries something that is contrary to the facts.  They are saying things that are in themselves lies, but at the same time, they know better.

Let me ask you something:  Why would a person believe something that someone would say when you know they canít perform what they said?  This is exactly what I want to convey to you:  This is the world in which we live.  These are the real truths of the Lordís word; it is rhetoric that is contrary to the Lordís word, and these demons know this.

There are four things that these demonic spirits know:  They know that Jesus is the Son of God.  They know that.  They know that according to the Scriptures that there is a time that they themselves will be judged.  They also know what their destiny is.  They know that their destiny is in the deep; the place that God has created especially for them.  These are three things they know beyond any doubt.  Demons believe that there is one God and they tremble at that.

Yet, they teach and try to seduce men and women everywhere to worship false gods.  This is what the Scriptures mean when they say, ďthey speak lies in hypocrisyĒ.  Why do people believe that?  Itís not an isolated belief; people everywhere believe these lies.  Why?

There are several reasons, and I want you to see that this is something supernatural that weíre dealing with; itís not normal or human intelligence.  They are of a very high intelligent order because of what they are.  Since they know these things (they know more, but weíre looking at these):  They know that Jesus is the son of God, they know there is one God, they know they will be judged, and they know what their destiny is, they are going to teach things that are untrue, but why do people believe these things?

[2 Peter 2]  This is what characterizes the false teachers, the false prophets, and the doctrines of demons:  [2 Peter 2:18]  These are very powerful words, and they appeal to the flesh.  They allure people who were of the faith, and these people leave the faith.  What is that called?  Itís called apostasy.

[2 Peter 2:19]  Itís with their words.  They have tremendous speech.  Jude 16 says the same thing:  ďThey will speak with great, swelling words.Ē

How do you view these demons?  Most people view them as monsters, such as what Hollywood would create.  You think that these are creatures that you would abhor or that you would shy away from, and thatís not true.  [2 Corinthians 11]  The speech or words with which these beings will use, as a contrast [2 Corinthians 11:6].  Paul was the opposite of this; Iím the opposite of this.  I can expound some things well, but I certainly donít incite great swelling mobs to do things.  But, Paul is basic in speech and the Bible tells us that these false teachers will be great speakers, yet people believe these teachers.

[2 Corinthians 11:13]  Theyíre great speakers and they have the appearance and title of being an apostle of Christ.

This is no wonder:  [2 Corinthians 11:14]  [Overhead]  He changes himself into something that is appealing to men.  The prince of darkness puts on a costume of light and he sets the fashion trend for his followers.  Itís a masquerade set up to deceive the saints.  Many are deceived.  This portrayal shows us how Paul felt about the Judaizing leaders and their conduct in trying to put men back under bondage.  In Galatians 2:4, he calls them ďfalse brethrenĒ.  Do you see the followers of Satan, masquerading around in a costume of light today?  Do you see those who are deceived and are unwittingly following him?  (You hear phrases such as, ďCanít we all just get along?Ē  Or maybe, ďToleranceĒ, when what is meant is, ďObliterate ChristianityĒ.)

[2 Corinthians 11:15]  This is the appearance or the place or the position that the teaching of these doctrines of demons occurs.  You wonít be faced with something that is horrible or unappealing; you will be thrilled with the words they will speak, but they are lies!  (Some examples are WoF, Prosperity, PDL.)

How do we know that demonic powers are at work as Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 4?  How can we be sure that these are the latter times and the last days?

Before we leave here tonight, I want to show you three things that the teachings of demons are opposed to.  These three things are extremely important.  We can see them by the teachings these demons are opposed to.  These are very important!

[Mark 5]  This is a very important event in the life of the Lord.  [Mark 5:1-3; they could no longer control him; he had gotten stronger.]  This is something that we need to remember:  We canít conquer demons; we canít control them.

[Mark 5:4a]  They are of superhuman strength.

[Mark 5:4-5]  What is this teaching us?  These demonic powers teach, do, and are characterized by self-destruction.  This is just one example.  Men today in religious circles even, say, ďWhy in the world would a young man strap himself with bombs, get in a car, drive somewhere and blow himself up?Ē  Itís demonic!  (Although in some instances, they have to choose between their families and strangers, but itís still demonic, just not on their part.)  It is demonic!

Why would he do that?  Because he has believed the lies that the demons have taught.  The world will do that.  The world does believe that, because God has sent strong delusion.  The world will continue to believe that.

Why would someone get into an airplane and fly into buildings and kill himself and destroy all those people?  He is self-destructive in his religious teachings of lies; itís demonic.  He believes a lie.

This will continue.  ďBut, we have a war!Ē  Itís not working.  That doesnít necessarily mean that we need to quit.  Sometimes we need to persevere, even in the face of certain failure.  The reason itís not working is that there is no physical chain that can control the power of a demonic man.  ďDo you mean to tell me that you think Islam is demonic?Ē  Youíve got that right!  (Iím in trouble now.)  Itís not a peaceful religion.  Itís a demonic teaching of lies.  ďBut, thatís unkind!Ē  Itís true.  This is the kind of world that weíre living in.  This is why the world is the way it is in this hour.  But, what are we to do?

[Matthew 17:15-16]  This is a child that is attacked in a specific way by an unclean spirit.  Why is there so much abuse against children?  People putting cigarettes out on their bodies, breaking bones, molesting them?  Itís demonic!  They hate children!  Why would demonic powers hate children?  Why would they deal with women and children to mistreat little children?  Thereís a reason for that, and itís because of one of the things they deceive people with.

I said that there were three things that the teachings of demons are opposed to, and the first one is that they want to destroy the idea of the Kingdom.  [Matthew 13]  The Lord Jesus said this and I think itís self-explanatory:  [Matthew 13:19]  The demons of this world know that their leader is the god of this age (Ephesians 2:2; 2 Corinthians 4:4) at this time, and they are going to lose, but they continue to fight, and they want you to lose with them.  They steal away the word of the Kingdom.  Thatís one deception.

Now, why do they hate children?  Because, in Matthew 18:3, Jesus said, ďExcept ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.Ē  Theyíre saying in an open and visible way, ďLook how bad it is for children; youíre going to have to suffer; you donít want to do that!Ē  Thatís why this is occurring.  Demons want to destroy the teaching and the truth of the coming Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They steal away the word.  They blind the minds of people.

Demons try to teach the world that God is finished with Israel.  This is one of their goals.  If they can convince men of this, then they will have achieved their purpose.  ďThatís not really true!Ē  Yes it is.  [Revelation 16:13]  This is Armageddon, and they are gathered together to destroy Israel and to fight against the Lamb.

If you read Zechariah 3, the Lord says that heís going to remove the iniquity from the priesthood of the Israelis in Jerusalem, and it is Satan in Zechariah 3 that opposes this.  Know something thatís interesting?  This is the offensive part, but you know we have a big turmoil over a rock with the 10 Commandments in Alabama?  I think thatís demonic.  I donít want you to misunderstand:  I donít think thereís anything wrong with the 10 Commandments, but in Exodus 20:4, weíre told that we are not to make ďany graven image [idol], or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:Ē because you will start worshipping it.  Satan can take something that is good, such as the 10 Commandments, and turn it into something evil, such as making it into an idol.  Thatís demonic!

This is a perfect example of what seems to be pure and right, but itís using an outward symbol of something that is supposed to be an inward grace.  They are starting to worship this graven image.  Itís another evidence of the misconceptions of things in our lives that are out of order.

Let me show you what this is.  [Luke 22]  This is something that is clear evidence of demonic teaching in the church, in government, in finance, and everywhere in the world.  ďOh, itís not in the church!Ē  Yes it is!  [Luke 22:31]  He wanted to refine him; he wanted to make him special; he wanted to elevate one person above the others in order to attain his purpose, and he has.  Thatís what he wants to do.  Does the Christian world do the same thing?  Whoís the greatest?  We elevate certain ones above others, and if you ever inspect some of themÖ 

You may say, ďThatís not a problemĒ, but in Matthew 20, it was!  When the two sons of Zebedee, or their mother came, it made the others mad!  What are we supposed to be?  Weíre all brothers and sisters.  Some may be more accountable, some may be more knowledgeable, some may be more gifted, but weíre all brothers and sisters in the Lord.  But, in todayís world, the world elevates certain ones.  Even Jesus calls others ďBrethrenĒ.

Do you know what else demonic powers do?  If you read Revelation 9, these creatures that come forward to torment men are disfigured.  They are part of chariots, part of lions, part of women, part of men; have you ever seen a world that is as disfigured as ours is?  Look at what some people do to their bodies with steroids and other drugs; look at what scientists are doing, injecting jellyfish DNA into sheep and making them glow.  They have injected jellyfish DNA into plants and they will glow when they need watering.  But, people are doing these things to themselves!

Do you know what men and women are telling us today?  [2 Thessalonians]  He is speaking of the wicked one that shall be revealed, and in [2 Thessalonians 2:9-10].  Men and women wonít believe the truth of the coming Kingdom of the Lord Jesus and the preciousness of Israel and the things for which we should stand and teach.  We should teach that there is right and wrong, but they want us to teach it all as one big, gray area.  What do they call us because we teach these things, such as that there is right and wrong?  Evil and distorted and bad.  But, itís because they donít know the truth.

The religion of today is exactly what the man of sin and the demonic powers want.  They donít want to eradicate religion.  In fact, the very foundation of religion is what will make it possible for them to deceive many.  The religion of today is miracles, signs, and wonders.  Men and women telling you they were healed, and Iím telling you that in most cases, they were better off before they were healed.  Does healing occur?  Certainly, but the apostolic gift of healing is not for today.  These things are flourishing; they are the fastest growing religion in the world.  I was listening to a Christian broadcaster that had a guest who was a white witch.  He was deceived.

The religion of the world today, even in Christianity is be wealthy, be healthy, be filled with all kinds of miraculous power, and itís demonic!  The people are not necessarily evil, but they are deluded.  What are we to do?  How can we fight an enemy we canít see?  How do we know what to do?

[2 Corinthians 10:4a; the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.]  What happens if you have a meeting and no one shows up?  Today, the idea is letís march, or demonstrate, or protest, and everyone who is there is either deceived or demonic; thatís carnal, because that wonít work.  [2 Corinthians 10:4-5]  The only thing that will help, is the obedience unto Christ.

Ephesians 6:12 tells us, ďFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

Do you know what the woman in Matthew 15 with the daughter who was demonically afflicted did?  She came to Jesus, and she didnít allow anything to deter her from telling him.  I think about the song, ďI Must Tell JesusĒ.  Thatís what we need:  We need moms and dads who will bring their children to Jesus and who believe and know that he can heal all of them and protect them and watch over them.

Weíre living in a dangerous world, but do you know what?  Itís going to get worse.  It wonít change, but you can, because ďgreater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.Ē  (1 John 4:4)

I want to show something that will scare you.  Do you know what happens when they show on the news about what goes on with the terrorists in Iraq and Palestine and Lebanon?  They donít have food or water, but they can dance higher and stronger and longer than anyone who isnít weak and deprived!  Why are they doing that?

[Isaiah 13:1]  Look who this is talking about:  Itís Babylon; itís Iraq.  He mentions several things that are going on here:  He mentions that theyíre not going to regard certain things and he mentions that itís going to be destroyed just like Sodom and Gomorrah, and down in [Isaiah 13:21]  In the LXX, ďsatyrĒ is translated as ďdemonsĒ.  Itís he-goats and they will dance there.  Are our soldiers in the midst of a country that is filled with demonic powers?  Our new embassy there is larger than Vatican City.  But, this demonic power canít be controlled by men.  Itís a reflection of the times in which we live when men and women have departed from the faith and have refused to listen to the Lordís word and are listening to the teachings of demonic powers, and itís evident, and nothing can stop it, except for the Lord.

We canít manufacture enough smart bombs, or bunker busters, or gather enough intelligence or do anything to stop it; it will never happen.  The only thing that will stop it is obedience to the Lord and to his word and bringing men and women to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Will you be influenced by this?  If youíre not careful, you will, and you wonít even know it.  These demonic powers are raging in the world today, and weíre not even aware of it, and donít think that saved people canít be deceived by them.  Saved people are at the greatest peril.  Theyíre targets for these demonic beings and these doctrines of demons are aimed at theym

They want to destroy the Word of the Kingdom, the preciousness of Israel, and shepherd in the one-world religion.  Donít be deceived!