The late Rev A. Edwin Wilson is one of the great Bible teachers of our times. He is a man who, for over fifty years, day after day, could be found in his study long before sunrise, delving into the Word of God in anticipation of a hungry, waiting people to whom he ministered. For thirty years he served as the Director of the Southern Hebrew Mission and Daytona Heights Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. His ministry centered around proclaiming "What the Bible says," and that "the Bible means what it says." His study of the Scripture has revolved around "words, and their meaning." The lives of those who had the privilege to sit under his leadership and teaching will never be the same again.

Adapted from "Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson" by Arlen L Chitwood, Editor

These mp3s have all been made from the original tapes, therefore, there are some anomalies that can't be avoided.  In many cases, these copies are better than the originals.  On all messages that came from 60 minute tapes, there will be a blank space, a duplication of a sentence or two or an occasional missed sentence approximately 30 minutes into the message.

A small explanation about my filing structure:  Each message is assigned a series of letters and numbers.  No letters = Sunday night, SM = Sunday morning and W = Wednesday evening.  The first pair of numbers = year, the second pair = month and the third pair = date.  Hence, w760204 would be Wednesday, February 4, 1976.  All of his messages were presented so that Sunday morning messages follow Sunday morning messages, Wednesday follows Wednesday and Sunday evening follows Sunday evening.

To contact me for specific requests or to get MP3s on CD-ROM, please e-mail me at Hope of Glory.  All messages are listed by their catalogue number, base scripture, and title of the message (when named).

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The Judgment Seat ca 1958.  The sound is not the best, but this is an important message.

The Resurrection Unsure of the date.

w721227                      Genesis

w730103                      Genesis 1:1-9

w730117                      Genesis

w730124                      Genesis 2

w730207                      Genesis

w730214                      Genesis 3

w730221                      Genesis 3

w730228                      Genesis 3:21

w730307                      Genesis

w730314                      Genesis

w730321                      Genesis                     Sons of God Daughters of Men

w730328                      Genesis                     The Ark

w730404                      Genesis 7                      The Flood

w730411                      Genesis 9:1-6                Civil Government

w730418                      Genesis 9:11

w730425                      Genesis                          Noah

w730502                      Genesis 11:1-9               Earth Divided

w730509                       Genesis 10                    sound fluctuation

w740123                      Genesis 37:12-28           Joseph - A type of the sent Christ

w740206                      Genesis 38:1-41:41        Joseph - A Type of the Restored Christ

w740213                      Genesis 41:41-45           Joseph - A Type of the Glorified Christ

w740220                      Genesis 41:41-42:18      Joseph - A Type of Christ

w740227                      Genesis 44:1-45:15        Judah - A Type of Christ

w740306                      Genesis 45                     Joseph - A Type of the Coming Christ

w740313                      Genesis 47:1-26             Joseph as Savior

w740320                      Genesis 47:27-48:22      Death of Jacob

w740327                      Genesis 49:1-7               Prophecy of Jacob

w780308        John 1:1-13

w780315        John 1:14

w780322        John 1:14

w780329        John 1:18-29

w780405        John 1:29-51

w780412        John w:1-11

w780419        John 2:12-23

w780426        John 3:1-5

w780503        John 3:7-16

w780510        John 3:14-15

w780517        John 3:16-21                      Mickey Mouse sound at beginning

w780524        John 3:22-36

w780531        John 4:1-19

w780607        John 4:20-43

w780629        John 4:43-54

w780705        John 5:1-16

w780712        John 5:17-29

w780719        John 5:30-38

w780802        John 6:1-14

w780809        John 6:15-21

w780816        John 6:22-40

w780823        John 6:41-59

w780830        John 6:60-71

w780906        John 7:1-9

w790103        John 11:1-11

w790110        John 11:11-44

w790124        John 11:45-57

w790131          John 12:1-11